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Swimming pool technology – pure expertise for pure water

Smart and efficient. These two words sum up the latest swimming pool technology at aquanale. At this industry forum, well-known manufacturers and creative startups alike are contributing their innovative ideas and solutions for creating an utterly enjoyable bathing experience.

Swimming pool technology

This section of the trade fair includes all of the components that are needed for running successful swimming pools and saunas, including water treatment, air-conditioning technology and control technology.

Modern technology provides clarity

Public pool facilities need to fulfil a catalogue of requirements and standards in order to maintain good hygiene and keep their customers safe. Modern swimming pool technology enables the operators of public pools and saunas to provide pool water that is clean, clear and at a comfortable temperature – as well as offering customers a relaxing atmosphere. For operators, efficiency is a very important factor here. The swimming pool technology theme world covers all of these aspects and provides you with promising solutions!

Here’s what is on offer in the Swimming Pool Technology theme world:

  • Innovative technology for swimming pools and saunas
  • Exclusive products from international exhibitors
  • Complete solutions for your business
  • Networking with manufacturers and experts

Clarity at last! Water treatment and pool filter systems

Clear water is essential for a carefree bathing experience – regardless of whether the pool is private or public. Thanks to powerful and efficient filter technology, a thorough water treatment process can clean and disinfect the water while keeping expenditure low. A reliable filter system removes sand, dust, microorganisms and contaminants from the swimming pool water and then returns clean water to the pool. These high-quality, fully automated swimming pool pumps and pool filter systems perform very effectively while also offering impressive energy efficiency. See the latest swimming pool technology with your own eyes at aquanale – and clear things up at your swimming pool or spa facility!

Smart technology for measurement, control and regulation

Operators of public pools have to constantly measure and regulate their facilities. Smart swimming pool technology makes it possible to monitor all of the pools at the same time – from the large outdoor pool to the small hot tub. At aquanale, manufacturers will demonstrate how easily you can regulate temperature, pH value and chlorine concentration.

Digital solutions can simplify the management of pool pumps, heating and lighting. Hear from the experts as they explain how easy it can be to manage an extensive leisure pool facility that has various different zones and how high-precision measurement and control technology can help keep pool facilities running smoothly.

Installation systems – foundational for your pool and sauna facilitie

Smart planning is the cornerstone for building and running a successful pool facility. After all, the most important decisions about your pool or spa facility are the ones that are made before it is even built. The same applies for private pools.

The planning and implementation of installation systems lays the foundations for enjoyable bathing and a profitable pool facility. The main types of swimming pool technology are solar absorbers, pool filter systems and pumps – all of which are represented abundantly at aquanale. Make sure you get a chance to learn about the latest innovations!

Discover the future of air conditioning and heating and power technology

Pool facilities tend to have high levels of air humidity and high temperatures. The role of air conditioning is to create an environment in which guests feel relaxed while also protecting the building from being damaged by damp.

Air conditioning needs to heat, ventilate and dehumidify – and it needs to do so 24/7. The use of cutting-edge heating and power technology keeps down the costs for operating these processes. The wide range of long-lasting, energy-efficient solutions exhibited at aquanale enables you to see the benefits for yourself and choose the right air conditioning system for your commercial pool facility.

Lighting technology – spotlight on swimming pools

Switch on the spotlight! Lighting makes a significant difference to the atmosphere in a pool or sauna. By making intentional use of lighting, you can create a coherent overall concept and influence the way your guests feel when using your facilities. At the same time, lighting technology also plays a role in ensuring the safety of visitors to public pools, spas and saunas. It therefore pays to think about your lighting concept in the early stages of planning. At aquanale you will find inspiration and accessories as well as partners who can help you implement your plans.

Join us at aquanale!

Whether you come as an exhibitor or a trade visitor, attending aquanale is a must for operators, manufacturers and specialist service providers in the swimming pool and sauna sector. This international forum, which features exclusive technological innovations, is an event where many important contacts are established. Make the most of having all this expertise in one place!

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