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Private spas – an oasis of wellbeing at home

What could be more enjoyable than spending an afternoon at a spa? The answer? Setting up your own private spa! By offering the right range of products, you can help your customer to recreate a spa experience in their own bathroom.

Private Spas

At aquanale, you can discover the options for designing a modern home spa and creating the perfect atmosphere. What’s more, you can discover the latest technological innovations for making your customer’s bespoke private spa even more luxurious.

Here’s what is on offer in the Private Spa theme world

  • Everything you need to know about home spas
  • The latest innovations and tomorrow’s trends, exclusively at aquanale
  • Exhibitors can present contemporary design and decor ideas for creating stylish, high-quality home spas
  • Networking with service providers and industry experts

The perfect home spa – getting the design right

Anyone who is planning on creating a private spa area at their home will of course want the design to be perfect. From the space itself to the furnishings, everything will need to be right. You will want to exceed your customer’s expectations, which is why aquanale has so much on offer for the private spa market. Examples include areas such as luxury showers, innovative whirlpool bathtubs and modern taps.

You will also be able to view the latest high-quality ceramic fixtures, which you can order there and then at the trade fair. Whether your customer wants their home spa experience to be a spa bathroom or a large private spa area, here are some ideas about stylish interior design that uses state-of-the-art equipment – so that you can help make their dreams a reality.

Showers, whirlpools and more for spa bathrooms

Luxury within their own four walls. The home environment is becoming increasingly important at the moment, so private spa areas are more popular than ever.

Wellbeing and “me time” are very important to today’s consumers. You can respond to this by offering modern home spa solutions. International exhibitors are presenting a wide variety of concepts at aquanale, ranging from spacious to compact. From rainforest showers with unusual designs on the glass and tiles, right through to luxurious bathtubs with elegant taps. Many customers also dream of having a hot tub in their private spa area. At aquanale you can connect with partners who can help you to make this dream a reality.

A private spa atmosphere – a spa bathroom at home creates an exquisite, relaxing space

Using the right elements – such as a luxurious hot tub with the latest technology, a modern infrared cabin and an elegant shower with extra functions – lays the foundations for creating the perfect spa bathroom at your customer’s home. Alongside the right facilities, however, creating an authentic spa atmosphere is also an important factor for customers. More and more people wanting to switch off for a few hours and enjoy some deep relaxation.

It is common knowledge that tastes differ, so at aquanale you can discover an extremely wide variety of private spa design ideas to suit a diverse range of requirements. As an exhibitor, you can contribute to the variety of inspiring ideas presented at aquanale – so that each customer can create a bespoke oasis of wellbeing in his or her home.

Turning a boring bathroom into a modern spa room

When creating a home spa area in newly built properties, there are countless possibilities. But what about when an existing bathroom space is being upgraded? There are solutions to help with that, too! At aquanale, the manufacturers of spa showers, hot tubs, taps and other products have the opportunity to meet with the service providers who design and build bathrooms. This means that installing a sauna in the basement, replacing a simple shower with a two-person spa bathtub and installing atmospheric lighting in a newly designed spa bathroom are all options that are at your fingertips.

Connecting with the experts in the private spa sector

At aquanale, you can keep up with upcoming trends and innovative products so that you can offer a comprehensive home spa range. Furthermore, the trade fair is the perfect forum for networking, enabling you to connect with industry experts and international exhibitors. You will be able to invest in your professional relationships in a stimulating business environment.

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