28.–31.10.2025 #aquanale

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Rakka | Exhibitor on the aquanale 2023


A unique design stove  

Rakka is a unique stove design. Its patented structure emphasises the natural rough beauty of the stones. The stove has no net, and water can be thrown anywhere on the stove. Thanks to the structure of the stove and the large number of stones, you get to enjoy a long-lasting and moist steam, just like in a wood-burning sauna.  

Rakka is available in three different power ratings, making it suitable for both small and large saunas. You can either install the Rakka stove on its own, or embed it in the sauna bench structure. The possibility to embed the stove within the structure of the sauna benches allows you to design your sauna with more freedom. An embedding flange is available as an accessory.  

E2 stove’s smart and easy-to-use controller heats your sauna in an energy-efficient way. In the first few uses, it gets to know your sauna and learns how to maintain the heat in an optimal way.

All E2 stoves are also available with WiFi control. Benefits and features of a WiFi stove:  

Controlling the stove remotely from a mobile device: control the stove’s on-time, set up the timer and choose a good temperature for your sauna.  
Before heating, check the safety of the sauna, close the sauna door and set the stove to standby mode using the controller. A door sensor is supplied with the stove for safety reasons. The sensor detects if the sauna door is opened while the timer is active and, if so, turns off the timer.  
Get useful information about your stove with the WiFi app. The app keeps track of your sauna sessions, and reminds you when to replace the stove stones. To see how much it costs to take a sauna, you can also enter the price of electricity in the app.  
The E2 and E2 WiFi stoves are supplied with a black controller and a 10 m controller cable.*Optionally, you can select a white controller. For Tahko E2 and E2 WiFi models, the control panel is included.
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