28.–31.10.2025 #aquanale

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MEMBRANO EC DIRECT | Exhibitor on the aquanale 2023


Production of disinfectant solution
according to demand.
+ Large graphic display with plain text.
+ Integrated water softening via
reverse osmosis with activated
carbon filter.
+ Straightforward installation and
+ Remote monitoring via dinoAccess app.
Membrane cell electrolysis produces fresh, highly active disinfection solution from leachate, water and electricity for direct on-site use.
Membrano EC compact systems are unique in that they are highly efficient and suitable for any application – whether an indoor or
outdoor pool, a plastic, slide, tile or stainless steel pool.
The Membrano EC is available in two different versions, the “Direct” version and the “Tank” version:
• The Membrano EC “Direct” does not require a storage tank. Here, the disinfection solution produced is added directly into the
pool water line. The product concentration in the disinfectant solution of the “Direct” is measured and controlled according to
the specifications of the building’s measuring and control technology. The water is adjusted via the innovative Dinotec Marathon
technology and automatically fed into the pool circuit via the integrated peristaltic pump. With the help of the process technology,
which is controlled via the product concentration, the disinfectant solution is produced as required and added with pinpoint
accuracy. In addition, this “Comfort mode” of the cell significantly optimises its service life.
• Thanks to the Membrano EC “Direct” process technology, there is no salt carry-over into the disinfection solution! Therefore, it can be
used without any problems in stainless steel pools, even with high loads. The disinfectant solution produced is neutral with a pH of 7
and maintains the acid capacity of the water, which in practice means savings on pH reducers.
Bahnhofstr. 68
73240 Wendlingen