28.–31.10.2025 #aquanale

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PrimeLab 2.0 Photometer | Exhibitor on the aquanale 2023

PrimeLab 2.0 Photometer

Water-i.d proudly presents its latest photometer, the PrimeLab 2.0 which can truly be called “The Ultimate Photometer”.


PrimeLab 2.0 supersedes PrimeLab 1.0 which has been on sale since 2013, already setting benchmarks for the industry.


The amazing PrimeLab 2.0 offers users more than 140 parameters to flexibly choose from, an 18 wavelengths parallel reading sensor-set-up -compared to a max of 6 wavelengths with common high-end photometers. For utmost accuracy and a broad range of colour recognition, a 5.5’’ colour-touch-HD-display is included as well as Bluetooth, WiFi and USB to directly communicate with the free and powerful LabCOM software, app and cloud, a QR-scanning camera to recognize reagents and water sources as well as the ability to directly connect (via USB) electrodes for pH/EC/ORP/temperature.


PrimeLab 2.0 offers step-by-step guidance on all parameters, including animated graphics, all available in many different languages to suit users across the globe.


Adapters simplify change between 24mm / 16mm and 1ml-Eppendorf cuvettes to ensure the best path-lengths.


A rechargeable 8,400 mA inbuilt Li-Io-battery ensures high performance and long operation.

Memory in the GB-range allows storage of almost unlimited test results, all connected to water-sites which the user can enter individually.


Both water-sites and test results can be instantly uploaded to the LabCOM cloud, when either WiFi is activated or a GSM-USB-stick is used. By doing this, test data will be available worldwide, instantly and password protected.


The LabCOM app/software/cloud, already well tried and tested with the PrimeLab 1.0 and PoolLab, offers plenty of functions to the user, including an admin-module which uses a traffic light system to warn about measurement results out of range or even measurements which have not but should have been performed. Such “rules” can be individually set up to suit the specific needs of the user.
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