28.–31.10.2025 #aquanale

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Start-Stop Sicherheitssystem | Exhibitor on the aquanale 2023

Start-Stop Sicherheitssystem

Today we are paying more and more attention to safety even on our holidays. Did Guests slide quickly after each other increasing the risk of an accident? Would you like to provide a safe space for your Guests? We offer a solution that can also increase your income and help the work of your lifeguards.

The Start-Stop System is a must-have for safe sliding. Besides controlling traffic as a safety light, it has extra opportunities, such as increasing your facility’s income.

Animated launch lights

The traffic light displays a green light when it’s safe to slide. This signal can be more exciting with four launch animations, including a Formula1 effect.

Display text advertisements

A customisable text field can be used as an advertising space to increase your income. While your Guests excitedly wait for their turn, you can promote your water park’s services or show paid ads.

Modern design, retrofittable installation

The safety system can be installed retroactively on your existing slides. It has a clean, elegant design that fits into any environment and matches all slides.

Traffic statistics

If requested, the system can be installed with a traffic report function. This helps you learn more about your Guests sliding habits and the usage of your slides.

Error messages

In case of a water pump failure or if the plexiglass disks of the sensors are covered with limescale, the traffic light warns Guests that it is not safe to slide.

The Start-Stop System can be expanded with additional electronics, for example, the Photo System or Light and Sound Effect System.

Make your slides safer!
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