28.–31.10.2025 #aquanale

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Electronic Pooltester Scuba3s | Exhibitor on the aquanale 2023

Electronic Pooltester Scuba3s

Even faster, even more versatile, even more handy and with mobile analysis management: The new generation of the popular electronic pool tester Scuba from Lovibond® presents itself smart and versatile. With a wider range of pool parameters and smart transfer of measurement results anytime, anywhere, the new Scuba3s is the ideal companion for every pool owner.
The most important 8 pool water quality parameters can be measured quickly and easily with the new Scuba3s at the touch of a few buttons. The method repertoire of chlorine (total, free, combined), pH, bromine, alkalinity-m and cyanuric acid is additionally supplemented by active chlorine, calcium hardness, active oxygen and copper. They provide information on whether the pool water is hygienically safe. The device actively helps the user to classify the measurement results: With a traffic light system, the background lighting signals whether the analysis values are within the target range (green) or whether they are above or below (red). The associated Scuba app provides an evaluation of the measurement results directly on site and offers recommendations for the next steps in pool maintenance.
With the new Scuba3s, 50 data sets can be stored. With the Scuba app, they are quickly and easily transferred to the smartphone or tablet. Again, all it takes is a few button presses: Simply hold the smart device to the electronic pool tester, start the NFC transfer - and the entire data set is available on the mobile device. Pool management tools such as pool care & water quality, FAQ & method descriptions, and data as charts are available with the app.
Animations and icons guide through the entire application and make the new Scuba3 even easier to use. In addition, with the in-house Green Chemistry & Evo tablets, harmless and sustainable reagents are available directly from a Lovibond® hand.
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