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Quality manual for authentic Finnish sauna experiences

21 Feb 2023


The sauna is built according to Finnish sauna building standards and includes parts and equipment from Finland. All the elements of Finnish sauna are present in the experience: living fire, stone, sauna stove, water, and löyly (the steam that evaporates from the heated stones on the stove). Authenticity doesn’t mean that the saunas should be old and traditional. Authentic Finnish sauna experience can also be modern and trendy, and traditions can be implemented in an imaginative way to a new kind of sauna experience.


Multisensorial Finnish sauna experience considers all the five senses, vision, smell, touch, taste, and hearing, as part of the entirety.

Every sensory perception is an important part of the sauna bathing, as they work together to create a memorable sauna experience. People prefer distinct kinds of sense experiences. Some enjoy the smell of birch in the sauna room, other appreciates indulging an after-sauna snack. It’s important to create a balance between the senses for the sauna bathing to be as relaxing as possible.


Presence and relaxation refer to one’s possibility to forget the time, worries, and the surrounding world when sauna bathing. Sauna experience must be quiet, calm, and pleasant for the stress levels to decrease.

To relax is to find balance to stop for a moment and connect with yourself. Leave your phone behind well before sauna bathing and focus on the upcoming moment. Pamper yourself with sauna treatments, whisking, or sauna yoga. Focus on the moment at hand and let your thoughts come and go.

Sauna yoga


Finnish sauna experience is good for both your body and mind. Sauna bathing is taking care of oneself.

The various, scientifically proven health benefits of Finnish sauna make it an excellent part of a healthy lifestyle. Creating a sauna experience that promotes wellbeing and health takes many aspects into account.

For a start, the sauna experience must be safe and clean. The sauna must be built correctly (e.g., proper ventilation and insulation) and the parts used must be of high-quality. It’s important to emphasize that the health benefits are reached by regular sauna bathing that’s conducted by listening to body’s signals.



Creating contrast in the sauna experience means that going to sauna offers something unique, outstanding, and new to the bather.

Contrast adds additional value to sauna services and helps to stand out from competitors. Our studies have found out that the customer will remember and return to the sauna experience if it differs remarkably from their everyday life and offers something positively surprising.

Remember that contrast differs from sauna bather to another. An experienced sauna bather needs something different than a person that visits sauna for the first time.


An enjoyable sauna experience is clean and hygienic from beginning to end.

The air should smell good and fresh in the dressing rooms, showers, sauna, and cooling down areas. Cleanliness is the most important thing that the customers notice when they enter the sauna area. Clean the sauna area regularly and let the rooms dry in between uses. Remember bench covers and remind sauna bathers about showering before moving from sauna to the pool area.


Safe sauna environment isn’t necessary the first thing that the sauna bather notices but sliding while taking a shower or burning yourself by accidentally touching the sauna stove certainly ruin the whole experience and might even damage the perception of sauna bathing overall.

Remember to instruct sauna bathers to safe sauna experience, preferring DO’s instead of DONT’s. Maintain the sauna area regularly and check that nothing’s broken. Add handrails and safety rails to the sauna room. Avoid the risk of sliding but choosing non-slippery materials or adding plastic mats that increase traction.


Authentic Finnish sauna experience is responsible.

It considers what kind of economic, environmental, and social impact the sauna experience has. Finnish sauna experience doesn’t harm the nature and welcomes everyone to enjoy sauna bathing. Ecological sauna experience aims to save and use energy, natural resources and materials wisely. Economically sustainable sauna experience prefers services and products produced locally and supports co-operation between different operators. Socially responsible sauna experience is available for everyone regardless of gender, social status, or abilities.

Need help with creating your own Finnish sauna experience? Order the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook and you are one step closer to a high-quality experience.