28.–31.10.2025 #aquanale

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Plastic Heat Exchanger with stainless steel coil 62 and 161 kW | Exhibitor on the aquanale 2023

Plastic Heat Exchanger with stainless steel coil 62 and 161 kW

Water/Water heat exchanger with 1“corrugated tubing. The stainless-steel coiled tubing offers, unlike the smooth tubing, very high energy efficiency which is close to that of a plate heat exchanger. Thanks to the vertically offset in-and out connections of the secondary circuit, the dwell time and the turbulence of the water get increased causing a more intensive heat intake. Also, much less residue will accumulate. The plastic shell is pressure resistant and is not subject to corrosion. Connections on the secondary side are flanges in PVC D.165x63. It is possible to attach a temperature sensor at the entrance of the secondary flow. Equipped with the standard flow switch, with floor mounting to install the device vertically and the possibility to drain. This device offers maximum energy efficiency with minimum pressure loss. Like all coiled tubing heat exchangers, they must be integrated in the bathing water circuit either directly or through the bypass-system.
For the heating of swimming-pools and similar.
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